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Long Term Care - Partnership

Do you know one of the best kept secrets in retirement planning is now available in nearly every state? It's the Long-Term Care Insurance State Partnership Plans. 

These State Partnership plans allow Dollar-for-dollar asset protection when certain types of qualified long term care insurance policies are purchased. These plans provide quality care and the ability to ease family burden otherwise placed on those you love due to an accident or illness which can cause extended care. 

State Partnership Long Term Care is a program offered in certain states that allows individuals to purchase long term care insurance policies with special benefits. 

These policies provide access to both public and private funded long term care services, such as home care, adult day care and nursing home care. The program also provides access to additional benefits, such as asset protection, tax credits and other financial incentives. 

To be eligible, individuals must meet certain criteria, including income and asset levels, and must be a resident of a participating state. State Partnership Long Term Care programs can help individuals and families protect their assets and ensure access to quality long term care services.

Now you can safeguard your savings and income and reduce stress on those you love with affordable Long-Term Care Insurance.

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